Salt Lake City - Southeast Alaska

Bio: Born and raised on commercial fishing boats, I have a love for the sea. Out of it comes the best meat there is and more alien like creatures then space has yet to offer. Whales are probably the most amazing creatures on this planet with dolphins and porpoises following close. I started working the summers on my fathers fishing vessel when I was 10 years old and have been working in this industry ever since. Over the last two years I have been part of Fringe Games, an independent game developing studio. We have been working on fun product called War Command which is scheduled to release in May 2013. I am the game designer and became the Project Manager early in the project. This has been one of the more challenging things I have ever worked on. Definitely underestimating the workload, but in the end I think this product has the chance to do big things. I am an avid reader of info books of any kind and the last thing I watched was the Coca Cola Case, which was pretty messed up. I like pool and foosball with a cold beer, hiking, and all that stuff.

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